Sally-Ann Creed Vitamin D3 Premium

Sally-Ann Creed Vitamin D3 Premium

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60 capsules x 5000IU   Natural Cholecalciferol

It has been shown that almost everyone is deficient in vitamin D3.

D3 is only found in animal products, not in the plant kingdom, and taking a daily supplement is an excellent way to ensure you are not deficient.

Vitamin D3 Benefits:
• May reduce cancer risk
• Improves immunity, frequent infections
• Cardiovascular health
• Improves lung function
• Prevents bone & muscle pain
• Improves depression/anxiety
• Improves focus and concentration
• Prevents fatigue
• Prevents excess sweating
• Speeds wound healing

Read more about the benefits here

Directions: 1 capsule daily at mealtimes, or as directed by your healthcare provider

Capsules are Halaal and Kosher Certified