Sally-Ann Creed Milk Thistle Premium

Sally-Ann Creed Milk Thistle Premium

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How Milk Thistle Protects your Body
Did you know there are now over 80,000 industrial chemicals found in everyday products, with 1000 new ones introduced each year? Only a fraction have been tested for safety in humans, and this affects our liver’s ability to protect us. Milk Thistle is one of the most powerful ways you can protect your liver. Here’s how:
• It is your body’s primary organ of detoxification
• Milk thistle extracts is the liver’s most potent defence against toxins
• Research shows it also protects against atherosclerosis, cancer, diabetes
• Performs over 300 critical metabolic functions
• Detoxifies drugs and alcohol, hormones and antibiotics
• Can protect against mycotoxins and mushroom-based poisons
• Regenerates the liver
• Protects against fatty liver and cirrhosis
• A powerful glutathione precursor, the most important antioxidant of all
• A liver anti-inflammatory
• Protects against liver damage
• May protect against Alzheimer’s – prevents amyloid-beta deposition in the brain
• Reduces elevated liver enzymes (AST and ALT) in NAFLD and AFLD
• Protects against nerve damage and abnormal brain ageing
• Protects against cardiovascular disease
• May prevent weight gain, facilitate weight loss
• Reduces LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, boosts HDL levels
• Lowers blood sugar and HbA1c
• May help in kidney complaints
• Chemo protective; prevents metastatic activity (cancer spread)
• Helps to mitigate side effects of chemo and radiation treatment
• Powerful anti-ageing supplement
• May help menopausal symptoms
• Regulates hormones

When the liver can’t effectively neutralize and dispose of toxins, they can accumulate in the liver and in body fat, or circulate in the bloodstream – ultimately ending up in bones, lymph or brain. Milk thistle extracts can arrest and even reverse liver damage from toxins. Over 1000 different prescription and over-the-counter drugs have been associated with liver damage.
Milk Thistle eases NAFLD and improves cholesterol profiles in diabetic patients

The liver also contributes to detoxification by promoting the production of glutathione, the body’s ‘master’ antioxidant. Although every living cell in the body is needs glutathione, the liver contains and needs so much more of this disease-fighting substance than any other organ or tissue in the body. However, the body’s stores of glutathione are not unlimited. If glutathione in the liver is completely overwhelmed – as occurs in an overdose of a toxic substance such as acetaminophen – liver failure (and possibly, death) can result.

In addition to protecting against drugs and chemicals, Milk Thistle helps to alleviate damage from excess calories and carbohydrates – and binging. With the ability to actually stop fat from lodging in the liver, Milk Thistle has been acknowledged in several studies as an inexpensive, non-toxic adjunct treatment for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Milk Thistle also greatly benefits diabetics.

Directions: 1 Capsule 1 to 3 times a day.

Capsules are Halaal and Kosher Certified